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Contact Information

Mailing Address:     PO Box 42095, Los Angeles, CA 90042

High School Address:     

115 N. Avenue 53, Los Angeles, CA 90042
Office Hours:     

7:30AM - 4:00PM
High School Phone:     



Middle School Address:     

161 S. Avenue 49, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Middle School Phone:         


Contact Dr. St Claire Adriaan  Dr. St Claire Adriaan Principal
Contact Ricardo Gonzalez  Ricardo Gonzalez Co-Principal
Contact Ricardo Mireles  Ricardo Mireles Executive Director
Contact Marcelo Olmos  Marcelo Olmos Chief Operations Officer
Contact Vonn Webb  Vonn Webb Co-Principal
Administrative Staff
Contact Liza Contreras  Liza Contreras Operations Manager
Contact Gigi Longoria  Gigi Longoria Office Manager (MS)
Contact Tony Polanco  Tony Polanco Bus Driver & Facilities Associate
Contact Jazz Rodriguez  Jazz Rodriguez Dean of Students & Facilities Coordinator
Contact Jose Sandoval  Jose Sandoval Student Services Coordinator
Contact Erick Smith  Erick Smith Bus Driver & Facilities Associate
Contact Jennifer Vaquez  Jennifer Vaquez YPI Coordinator (HS)
Contact Jasmine Vidaca  Jasmine Vidaca YPI Coordinator (MS)
Contact Angela Vizcaya  Angela Vizcaya School Psychologist