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Mr. Gallardo
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Capital G - House 2022
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Capital G-House
Mr. Gallardo s House Class 2017-2018
2018 during our college week field trips. 

Manuel Gallardo

Welcome to Mr. Gallardo's Website

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my website. 

My name is Manny Gallardo-Rodriguez Jr. I try to maintain an optimistic perspective about life, and I strive to share my peace with those around me.

A quick background about me: I was born in East Los Angeles, grew up in Watts and South Central Los Angeles, went to Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, attended UCLA, and earned my master's degree from Mount Saint Mary's University.  

My interests include playing sports, especially soccer, listening to music, reading, and writing.  

As a literature teacher and proud coach of the five-time Eastside League champions, Academia Avance Girls Soccer team, I strive to teach my students how to become independent learners, selfless citizens, and empathetic beings. I believe that all of my students have the ability and potential to find success in whatever form it may look like for them respectively. My goal is to help my students embrace, accept, and manifest their potential, for the only force that can prevent us from flourishing is complacency. 

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AP Literature and Composition
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American Literature
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Playoffs 2019
For the first time in Avance history, every winter team made it to the second round of playoffs. 
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