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Life Prep II Locker

Professionalism in the Workplace


Life Prep II_Syllabus 2017-2018

Course Syllabus                                                                                      Life Prep II Pacing Guide Fall 2018-2019


School Address:

Highland Park Campus            

115 N. Avenue 53

Los Angeles, Ca. 90042


Teachers:   Ms. Sosa/ Ms. Delmy Roquel




Course Name: Life Prep II- Professionalism in the Workplace


Teacher Introduction

Welcome, my purpose for you  is to re-invigorate academic studies by providing a forum where you ask yourself, "what do I want in my life at age 24?".


Course Description

The course is a combination of the college ready Escalera program created by UnidosUS and a combination of Professionalism in the Workplace. Both courses are designed to simultaneously support and provide you with the skills for your senior year, college years, and internship.


Students join together to form a company which focuses on professionalism and fund raising for their Senior International Experience.


College Bridge:

  • Essays for college applications and scholarships

  • College targeting

  • UnidosUS Escalera

  • Available career options

  • Resume

  • The Avance College Ready Score Card (A-G Readiness)


Continued development of their INTERNET presence and computer literacy via cloud based application.

Students will deliver by the end of the year:


  • Launch a Company

  • Create two fundraisers ( October and December)

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Target four UC’s and four CSU’s

  • Job Interview/Professional Dress


Required Materials

  • Composition Notebook

  • Pen/PencilStudent Expectations & Responsibility

Students are expected to exemplify consciousness, reason, synergy, and action throughout their participation in and outside of class. As a class, it is our responsibility to create a safe space for all students to flourish academically and personally.

Classroom Procedures


  • Assigned Chromebook

  • Warm-up and attendance

  • Lesson

  • We work together

  • Exit Assessment

  • Independent Work

  • Shout-out


When Writing a paragraph I am looking for:


  • Punctuation (, . ? !)

  • Capitalized proper nouns

  • Complete sentences

  • (5-6) sentences per paragraph


Discipline & Consequences

Please refer to Academia Avance Student Handbook


Make-up Policy

Make-up work will be granted upon request from the student.


Late Work

If student takes the innitiative to complete late work, it will be accepted.


Cheating/ Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism and cheating are when we take credit for someone else’s work and try to pass it off as our own. In this classroom, my goal is to prepare you for real world experiences for this reason we will address the importance of not plagiarizing and cheating. There are are serious repercussions to taking plagiarizing and cheating lightly.




Classwork 35%

Formative Assessments 35%

Active Participation 20%

Outside Participation 10%



A:   100-90%        B: 89-80% C:   79-70% D:   69-60%



Parent/Guardian Memo of Understanding

I am thoroughly looking forward to forming a partnership with you to ensure the success of your child in this ______________course. Should you have any questions or concerns, my door is always open.  Additionally, I can be reached daily by phone at __________________ from 3:45-7pm or by email at __________________________ from. Please allow 24 hours to return your call or email.

Students and parent/guardian must sign below ensuring you have read and understand all expectations and class policies.

I have read and understand the above listed guidelines for this course.

Student’s Name (Print)

Student’s Signature




Parent/Guardian’s Name (Print)

Parent/Guardian’s Signature

Contact Information


Home # ___________________


Cell #: ____________________


E-mail: ____________________



Health or Other Concerns