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Maria Ramirez

8th Grade Math and Science
8th Grade Math and Science


 I came back to Los Angeles, after being away for 20 years in Bakersfield.  I was born in Los Angeles at UCLA Memorial Hospital.  I was raised in the San Fernando Valley/ South Central L.A..  This will be my 16th year as an educator and my third year at Avance.  I received my Bachelors Degree and Teaching Credentials at CSU Bakersfield, and plan on obtaining my Masters Degree and Administrative credential at CSU Los Angeles.  


I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters who are my reason for living.  Alexis, my oldest, graduated from UC Riverside with a BS in Archeology, and Angelina, my youngest is a Sophomore at Mendez HS.


I love Hockey ( GO KINGS GO!), Baseball ( ITFDB!), Football (Faithful 49er) and the occasional soccer and basketball game.

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My Family
My Family