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Tenaya Nunez

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Nunez Syllabi
7th grade Life Science- Energy Transfers and how they affect Earth

We will be exploring how energy moves on our planet! We will explore how these energy transfers affect how our planet works!


6th Grade Ancient History- Ancient China

We will be exploring the Geography and Early settlement of Ancient China! Get ready to draw maps and explore early civilizations and how they survived! So much to explore in history!


6th grade Earth Science- Cycles on Earth

Our planet has some amazing cycles that keep all life of Earth going! We will be exploring how these cycles work and how they impact us personally! 




Welcome to Mrs. Nunez's Classes
Student Materials

Class Materials: Students will need the following materials to be successful in our classes together: 


6th grade Ancient History---6th grade Earth Science---7th grade Life Science 

  • Chromebook (from school), Chromebook Charger (from school), Notebook, Pencils, Colored Pencils

Wish list: These items are not required, but will be needed for extra credit assignments. 

  • Colored Markers, Scissor, Tape, Basic Craft supplies



Dodgers game .jpg
Casa De Nuñez- House Class


"If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crushed into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive."
– Audre Lorde


The motto of Nuñez House this year will be Get Respect, Give Respect! We will be focusing on the power of our actions and how they can affect the world around us. We will explore the choices we make daily and how we feel they change our views and affect others. This will be a great adventure! 


Students will be expected to complete an EdPuzzle every Monday between 11am-5pm. This video will prep them for the weeks work to come! All EdPuzzle assignments will be found on Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom

All assignments and project work will be displayed on our Google classroom. All students will be given access and will be shown how to navigate the forum. 


6th Grade Ancient History & Earth Science- LINK

7th Grade Life Science- LINK

Casa de Nunez- LINK

Grade Configuration and Scale

GRADING BREAKDOWN- Hybrid/online learning                                                                  

Assessments- 30%                                     

Classwork- 30%                                          

Participation- 20%                                      

Homework- 20%    



A:   100-90% WAY Above expectations

B:   89-80% Above expectations

C:   79-70% Average (where students should be) 

D:   69-60% Below expectations

F:   59-0% Not actively participating  


Expeditionary Learning
Expeditionary Learning
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Current Assignments