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Medieval World 7
English 7

Philip Canterbury

About Mr. Canterbury

Mr. Canterbury was born in Washington D.C. His parents, both veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, met in Selma, Alabama as volunteers during "Freedom Summer."

Similarly, Mr. Canterbury has volunteered and worked for social justice and community building. He has been a rock climbing instructor in West LA, a native habitat restorer in Channel Islands National Park, a union organizer in Houston Texas, and a civil rights investigator before becoming a public school teacher in 2013.

Mr. Canterbury received his Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from The Colorado College, and his Master's degree in Teaching from Bard College. He enjoys rock climbing, slack-lining, biking, hiking, camping, cooking, reading comics and sci-fi, and writing stories. He has travelled in Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Honduras, and across the US. He currently lives in historic Highland Park.

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Be safe, stay home,  get tested, and vote for your rights!