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Philip Canterbury Locker
8/10/16 10:06 AM
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Philip Canterbury


A Little About Mr. Canterbruy


     My name is Philip Canterbury. I teach grade 7 Medieval History, grade 6 English Language Arts (ELA), and grade 7 ELA.

     Beyond the classroom, I am the coordinator for the Avance Rock Climbing Club, and I facilitate our partnership work with Channel Islands Restoration in Channel Islands National Park. 

     I was born in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America. At a young age, I was very comfortable visiting the beautiful and amazing museums and art collections located in Washington, D.C., so I grew up with a vast appreciation of knowledge and creativity. I also learned, early, just how vital it is to learn about and appreciate civics in day to day life. 

     My family had a farm in West Virginia that we would visit for summer and holidays. West Virginia is like a sea of green with caves and creeks to explore endlessly. This helped me appreciate outdoor recreation and environmental conservation.

     My family eventually moved from D.C. to Sacramento, California, and then later to Los Angeles. I attended college at Colorado College, and completed a Masters in Teaching program in Delano and Tulare, California through Bard College

     I love Highland Park, and currently live in the neighborhood that I serve. This has been a dream of mine for years, and I am so happy to be of service helping to educate and build character in our young Avance scholars!

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