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Tung Nguyen Locker
8/5/19 12:54 PM
8/5/19 12:55 PM

Mr. Nguyen

Welcome to my page!

Welcome to Avance, parents and students!


This is Mr. Nguyen. For the 2019-2020 school year, I am teaching Biology and Chemistry. I use this page to publish class contents for students and parents to access. This page is also used for communication purposes.

I am very excited to share my journey as a returning teacher with Avance staff and students. As an educator here at Avance, I focus on building strong curricula while maintaining effective classroom structures to help motivate and encourage students in becoming actively involved in sharing, collaborating and progressing as science learners. My goal is to help students become critical thinkers that are open-minded and collaborative. I also help guide those interested in pursuing science as a career path when applying for colleges. Aside from helping students learn and plan ahead, I also work with teachers and staff to exchange and share instructional ideas to ensure healthy intellectual, social, cultural and physical developments for all students.

I look forward to creating wonderful experiences that I can look back and learn from here at Avance. Go Jaguars!


T. Nguyen.

Student Activity

Science Lab: Macro-molecule Testing
Purpose: Students use indicators to test for the presence of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins in various foods.
Introduction: One characteristic of life is that living things are made up of molecules containing carbon. These are called organic molecules. In our class we have been referring to them as macro-molecules since they are necessary for life. The most common organic compounds found in living organisms are LIPIDS, CARBOHYDRATES, PROTEINS, and NUCLEIC ACIDS. Common foods, which often consist of plant materials or substances derived from animals, are also combinations of these organic compounds. Simple chemical tests with substances called indicators can be conducted to determine the presence of organic compounds. A color change of an indicator is usually a positive test for the presence of an organic compound.
Materials: Indicators (Biuret reagent, Lugol’s solution/Iodine), gloves, brown paper towel, well plate, food bottles, pipettes.

1. Students collaborate and assign roles

2. Students transfer materials using pipettes

3. Students fill well plate with food samples

4. Students use indicators to test and collect data.

Current Assignments