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Bloglines, a MerchantCircle company, aims to deliver the best experience for our users by creating a service where users can subcribe, create, manage and share news feeds, blogs and rich web content from across the web. Bloglines is one of the largest news and feed aggregators using RSS/Atom in the world with over 2 million users.

With Bloglines, there is no software to download and install and its completely FREE. Users are able to bring their feeds to any web enabled device whether its on a desktop or mobile phone. Your feeds can be customized and arranged in a multitude of ways to best suit your needs.




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Read less know more...Enliten takes note of what you like to see in your channel and shows you those sorts of articles more often. Enliten collects news and information from hundreds of trusted sources and delivers it in a highly attractive personal newspaper full of engaging content.

You tell it what topics are important to you, as well as plugging in your social media accounts, and Enliten will aggregate and filter those information streams according to your interests, even as they evolve.



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Feedly is a news reader for creative minds, a simple and elegant way to read and share the content of your favorite sites.  Find and follow your favorite sites to personalize feedly to your unique taste. The minimalist interface offers a simple, fast and focused reading experience.


Google Reader


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Google Reader is a tool for gathering, reading, and sharing all the interesting blogs and websites you read on the web.  Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content.  You can easily share interesting items with your friends and family. It is is totally free and works in most modern browsers, without any software to install. Keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email!