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Ms. Vizcaya

Ms. Angela Vizcaya

Director of Student Support Services

323-230-7270 X153

Angela Vizcaya

Welcome to Student Support Services

Welcome to  Student Support Services!


My name is Ms. Vizcaya, I am the Director of Student Support Services; 2020-2021 marks my 11th year working at Avance which is like my second home. I love working as a team with our students and families to help them achieve their academic and social emotional goals. My work at Avance is extremely fulfilling, see below for more information on how we can support your child:


Student Services is an integral part of the academic and social-emotional success of our students. School Counselors and School Social Workers advocate for the needs of all students and collaborate and coordinate with staff, parents, and community entities to meet those needs.  Student Services include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Intervention Support Programs
  • Section 504 Accommodation Plans
  • Special Education
  • Referrals to outside agencies
  • Crisis response and management



If your student is experiencing difficulty in a class, please contact the teacher as soon as you are aware of the difficulty. All faculty / staff contact information can be found on our website. Ideally, through communication and collaboration between parent and teacher, your student will attain success. If after conferencing with the teacher your student is still struggling, contact your student’s counselor for assistance.


Students with Disabilities

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a federal law that requires the provision of reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.


A student is considered to have a disability if (s)he has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. A student is considered to have a substantial limitation when unable to perform a major life activity that the average student in the general population can perform. Major life activities include: walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working, caring for oneself, and performing manual tasks.


If you feel your student may qualify for a Section 504 Accommodation Plan, please contact the Director of Student Support Services, or Jocelyn Aquino, School Psychologist intern at 323-230-7270.


Special Education

Students who meet eligibility requirements under the Individual with Disabilities in Education Act are provided an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In compliance with state and federal guidelines, Avance provides a continuum of services and program options for students in special education. Our full inclusion Resource Specialist Program (RSP) provides supports and services, as indicated in the IEP, for students who are enrolled in the general education setting which include 1:1 and small group instructional support. Our school counselor, school psychologist, speech pathologist, and occupational therapist provide related services.



Mental Health

Avance's priority and goal is to ensure students have at least one adult they can trust, and can proactively seek assistance and/or counseling services. We strive to have successful and positive outcomes rather than use punitive practices. Avance monitors and support students’ mental health and social and emotional well-being during the school year by implementing evidence-based multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) framework to address students’ needs holistically. Through MTSS, Avance is able to identify and provide support to struggling students.


Our mental health program provides counseling supports and services


• Social-emotional counseling services offered individually and/or in a  group setting

• Implementation of Conflict Mediation & Resolution and Restorative Practices

• Parent Support Group and Parent Wellness Group that provides parents and community stakeholders with emotional support, information regarding factors that affect a student's academic and emotional state e.g cultural, societal, trauma and more. These groups are led by our school social worker.

• Student welfare checks using a teacher referral system and routine monitoring of attendance to ensure social, physical and emotional well-being of students. 

• Onsite counselors (1 credentialed school counselor and 1 counseling  intern), school psychologist, and a school-based social worker who provide social-emotional, and/or behavioral counseling services.

• All students are enrolled in a “House” course. This program has successfully resulted in students developing a relationship of trust and respect with their House Advisor(teacher). As a result, our students feel comfortable seeking social-emotional support from their Advisor. Also, appropriate referrals/and or consultations will be made by the Advisor to our counselors, school psychologist, and school social worker.

• Avance has established partnerships with community counseling and therapeutic service agencies. Students with intensive needs are referred to these agencies via Avance counseling staff and offer off-site and school-based therapeutic services. 

• Avance Mental Health Hotline: Service delivered by School Psychologist, School Counselor, Family Caseworker, and Interns. (M-F 8am-4pm)

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