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Work Educational Experience Administrator

  • San Jose State University Alumni (B.A Sociology, 2018)
  • Academia Avance Alumni (Class of 2013)

Contact Information


Phone Number: (323) 631-5406

About Me

Who am I?

My name is Jose Gomez and I am born and raised in Highland Park alongside my four siblings. My parents are both Mexican Immigrants, one from Zacatecas and the other from Guadalajara Jalisco. Growing up as a first generation American was confusing for me because of the culture clash. I never felt connected with either American or Mexican culture until later on in my life when I started to learn more about the history of my people. Now, I am deeply rooted in my Mexican culture and I'm proud of where my people come from and what they stand for.


As a person of color, I learned early on that I must work hard to overcome the systemic inequities society has subjected us to. Like many other immigrants parents, my mother would always say "Get an education, so you can have opportunities." Later into my educational journey is when I realized what she meant. Attaining an education is one of the tools to fighting systemic inequities.

Society oftentimes puts people down if their way of life, culture, and/or perspective is different. Therefore, respect has become an important value in my everyday life. It has allowed for understanding and co-existence. Respecting people, culture, perspectives will not only help us grow as individuals, but also as a society. Ultimately, my values are reflective of my community and family. I believe that with strong values comes a strong community.


Evolving and growing as a person is something I strive to do everyday. For my leisure, I try to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working out, whether it be weightlifting, running, soccer, or basketball. Working out keeps my body in physically and mentally healthy. Hiking is another pastime of mine. When I'm in the outdoors I feel at peace. Growing and evolving requires getting out of your comfort zone and that's why I continuously challenge myself to explore new experiences/hobbies.


Why a career in education?

I believe education has the power to change the trajectory of our students and community. I am motivated by the rigorous process of re-framing the idea of education to better serve our vulnerable communities. My goal is to equip our students with the tools necessary to fight against the systemic inequities they face in their everyday lives. I will ensure my students always have a safe space to learn by cultivating an environment that nurtures empathy, support, and positive reinforcement.